Adult Program
Adult Program: Ages 15+

There are many benefits of a martial arts program; therefore,
there are many reasons adults get involved. Whether your goals
are fitness and weight control or self-defense and
endurance, On the Mat Martial Arts is the way to achieve them!

Our adult program is designed to create awareness while building
strength, stamina and character. Our life saving self-defense
techniques will give you the ability and confidence to protect
yourself, while our martial arts instruction will give you the
self-discipline, integrity and self-esteem you will need to excel in
your career and in your life.

Our program focuses on development of the mind and body. You
will learn basic stances, blocks, striking techniques, and various
kicks that have been proven effective in combat and
self-defense situations.

Try the new Adult class in Powell.
You can train in a
group or private
lesson setting.
All ages and fitness
levels can benefit
from our program.
Goal Setting
Myth: You already
have to be in shape
to join a martial arts