Session 1

This is all new. With
practice you will
progress. Keep working.
Key Points to
Chambering your kicks is
extremely important.
Proper technique is key
to effectiveness.
Most Common Issue

Be sure not to tuck your
thumbs when making a
Basic Requirements

You can use the table below to view the moves required and
each will have a link to the video for it if available.  Please
note, we are working towards providing a video for each
technique listed below.
Beginner : Session 1 Requirements
Attention Stance
Ready Stance
Sparring Stance
Middle Stance
Front Stance
Back Stance
High Block
Low Block
Knifehand Low Block
Front Punch
Reverse Punch
Knifehand Strike
Front Kick #1
Front Kick #2
Front Kick #3
Front Kick #4